The White Racists Are Safely Ensconced in Their Trailer Parks

by Aspasia on May 10, 2014

“… They are not in positions of power,” or so claims L. Todd Wood [No Oprah I’ve Never Owned A Slave… Am I supposed to feel guilty for something I didn’t do?, 8 Apr 2014], one of the Special Guests at the “Spend a Special Evening with Jason” event in Sioux Falls this coming Tuesday in support of Jason Ravnsborg for U.S. Senate. The other Special Guest is Victoria Jackson, known for her time on Saturday Night Live and for penning the musical hit “The Lesbian Song.” She is also now apparently a dignified member of the Tea Party Movement, speaking about fiscal conservative issues of interest to Tea Party Republicans such as gay marriage on Fox News and MSNBC (L. Todd Wood is irrelevantly also a Fox News Business contributor). She also famously recommended a “White History Month” be established, comments that made the Huffington Post, which called her an “ultra-conservative gadfly.” [Victoria Jackson, Former ‘SNL’ Comedian, Calls for ‘White History Month,’ Huffington Post, 1 Feb 2013]

One wonders why an “ultra-conservative gadfly” would continue the act since she said 3 decades ago “I can’t do the stupid Victoria airhead thing anymore! …You know what really kills me is that people buy it, the voice, the poems..”The Real Victoria Jackson You’d think after 30 years of being sick of it, as a “serious actress,” she would have stopped the act. But instead these days, as a “Tea Party Activist” she calls for a “White History Month” in that same voice she’s been sick of for decades.

Of course, she’s not the only person who will be at that Special Evening with Jason whose racially offensive comments graced the pages of the Huffington Post. I must assume Ken Crow, Ravnsborg’s campaign manager, will also be there. Another famous personage, who stated at an immigration rally “[W]hen you learn about breeding, you learn that you cannot breed Secretariat to a donkey and expect to win the Kentucky Derby. You guys have incredible DNA and don’t forget it.” [That Awkward Moment When The Tea Party Rally Gets Overtly Racist, Huffington Post, 19 Jul 2013] These unfortunate remarks unfavorably tinged an event cosponsored by the Black American Leadership Alliance. [Black American Leadership Alliance Outspoken Against Illegal Immigration Bill, Breitbart, 28 Jun 2013] The only thing Huffington Post managed to find of interest in an anti-illegal immigration rally cosponsored by the BALA was Ken Crow’s unfortunate comments at the event.

Ken Crow is also apparently a Tea Party Activist like Victoria Jackson, despite both of their Huffington Post Famous racially insensitive comments. He was formerly a member of the Tea Party of America until he resigned after a Sarah Palin rally fell through after “I dabbled in witchcraft” Christine O’Donnell was invited twice against the wishes of Palin’s people. Now he runs Tea Party Community and Tea Party Tribune, both of which have endorsed Jason Ravnsborg.

The Tea Party is an unorganized movement and anyone can claim to be a member regardless of ideology. I suppose Victoria Jackson and Ken Crow can both claim to be members of the Huffington Post Famous Racist Wing of the liberal media invented notion of what the Tea Party is. Of course, these false claims propagated in the media didn’t keep Mia Love, Tim Scott, Allen West, or T.W. Shannon down. Black conservatives will continue to rise up and fight the liberal machine that is trying to destroy the American Dream, regardless of liberal propaganda and liberal infiltration of the conservative movement.

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