October 2013

Man the Watchtower

by Tiberius Gracchus on October 22, 2013

As a taxpaying citizen, I demand the formation of the “South Dakota Department of Inspector General.” When asked of the need for greater oversight a State Representative, at a Cracker Barrel gathering, responded with the dismissal of the possibility of any current or past abuses that may call for the need for such oversight. I […]

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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Inside everyone’s mind there is an honored hall. Perhaps it has a marble floor with a fountain under a sky lit archway. Perhaps it’s a great wooden hall where the hearth fires never extinguish. The statues of your heroes stand proudly and captured words of wisdom adorn the walls. How many of us have developed […]

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Off With Their Heads

The Governor’s Board of Economic Development should be replaced with a private entity, acting as a state economic development corporation, with a government contract and an end of year performance review by legislative committee. A group of appointed favorites of the current Governor, that has no performance review to determine a satisfactory use of tax […]

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All the Governor’s Men

South Dakota has no legal protections against nepotism in government and that void of justice must be corrected. Neighboring states have nepotism laws regarding government hiring, as do the majority of states in the Union. The people of those states, with vigilant attitude, have made such protections a priority. Instead of placing blame at the […]

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