Man the Watchtower

by Tiberius Gracchus on October 22, 2013

As a taxpaying citizen, I demand the formation of the “South Dakota Department of Inspector General.” When asked of the need for greater oversight a State Representative, at a Cracker Barrel gathering, responded with the dismissal of the possibility of any current or past abuses that may call for the need for such oversight. I say woe to the foolish. A state such as ours, dominated by one party and racked with nepotism in state government, is a prime target for corruption. Human nature does not cease at the borders of South Dakota. With no auditing of our books by outside independent sources, we can be assured of taxpayer money being mishandled. The Attorney General is ill-equipped to investigate corruption that may occur in his own party, and this has been demonstrated by recent partisan misuse of office. The responsibility for investigation of corruption in state government should be as independent of partisan concerns and executive control as possible. The position of Inspector General has proven to be effective as a government watchdog in other states. South Dakotans will receive transparency, government efficiency, and  the promotion of ethics through a Department of Inspector General. The ‘go along’ attitude and denial of the misuse of power and state funds should no longer continue. The scandals and accusations of abuse of power and position for personal gain have been growing, while those that are in the favor of the controlling party have the aid of convenient exception, overlooking, and intentional favoritism.  The Department of Inspector General will further ensure that no money is mishandled and our power cannot be usurped by the corrupt and self-serving.

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tara volesky November 5, 2013 at 11:34 PM

That’s why we need an Independent.


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