And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

by Aspasia on November 9, 2013

  It is a contemptible lie for the “Religious Right,” judgmental fascists who seek to impose their personal view of Christianity on the rest of the country through political activism, and who now invade and taint the Tea Party and Liberty Movements with hateful sophistry, to amazingly claim to wave the banner of liberty in […]


My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Inside everyone’s mind there is an honored hall. Perhaps it has a marble floor with a fountain under a sky lit archway. Perhaps it’s a great wooden hall where the hearth fires never extinguish. The statues of your heroes stand proudly and captured words of wisdom adorn the walls. How many of us have developed […]

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Sunshine and Thunderstorms

There has been enough interest by some within the Pierre and Ft. Pierre communities to proposition and debate the possibility of establishing casino type gambling in Ft. Pierre through state legislation. I ask, is it a blessing or a punishment for the residents of Ft. Pierre? Our closest example of such a change is Deadwood. […]

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